Highbury Farm is a first generation family farm of 146 acres plus additional grazing run by Peter and Yvonne Gear and also Son Glen and daughter Kelly creating Highbury Farm woolley knitters.  Peter and Yvonne have been at Highbury Farm for 32 years.  The farm is at the moment running a flock of 500 ewes which this season we will be lambing  in early March and onwards  and rest in middle april onwards. The ewes are cheviot-mule, poll-dorset and easycare.  The rams put to the ewes are  charolais, texelcross, beltex and easycare. All the lambs are either grass fed on permanent pasture with clover mixtures or creep fed. The cheviots  fleeces are used for knitting wool .  The easycare female lambs are being brought into the flock,  and the remaining lambs are sold via farmers markets or from the farm through our coldroom/cutting room facility either as half or whole lambs  for the freezer or individual cuts or a gift box for that special occasion. Also available mince, lambburgers and mutton which is now becoming popular with the younger generation. Also now try our latest option lamb sausages, rosemary and garlic which came first in the farmers market competition at Hertford or lamb mint sausages. We also provide a hogroast service.  In addition we sell Sheepskin Rugs, moccasins, insoles  . If you are into spinning your own fleeces we can also provide these at shearing time.  From  Cheviot  shearling fleeces we now have pure natural knitting wool balls and washed hanks.It is a nice soft wool  in natural colours plus carded sliver for spinning and felting.Also now provided by woolley knitters, knitwear to buy or order to your size. Please look on our shop or see us at Farmers Markets.